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We are a group of over 344 concerned residents of Moraga, California, who are asking Moraga to consider two commonsense gun violence prevention ordinances:

  1. One ordinance would require people to keep their guns safely stored when they are not carrying them. Safe storage helps prevent accidental shootings by
    children, teen suicides, and gun thefts during burglaries. An existing California law that makes it a crime after an adult leaves a loaded gun where a child can access it
    does not do enough to protect kids from getting guns in the first place, which is why eight communities in California–including San Francisco and Oakland–have passed “safe
    storage” laws.
  2. The other ordinance would require gun dealers who wish to operate in Moraga to sell out of commercial zones, rather than from private homes, so that law
    enforcement can have greater oversight.
    Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, the unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County, and fifty-eight other localities in California have these modest requirements.

As a group, our primary focus is the safety of children in Moraga. Just among our group’s Executive Committee, our children have been shown unsecured guns at play dates, and we have known teens who committed suicide with their parents’ guns. Some of us lived in Moraga when a student from Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School was accidentally killed while playing with a gun at a friend’s house. Many of our children were in elementary school when a deranged individual used his mother’s guns to kill a classroom full of seven-year-olds, and six of their educators, in Newtown, CT.

Several community members support these ordinances:

Companies and organizations
Camino Pablo Elementary School PTA
CAPA (California Academy of Performing Arts)
Donald Rheem Elementary School PTA
Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School PTA
Lamorinda Montessori
Lamorinda Pediatrics
Los Perales Elementary School PTA
Moraga Pediatric Dentistry
Mulberry Tree
STAR Pilates
Studio E

Community Leaders
Dr. Elaine Frank (Rheem Elementary’s retired principal)
Fr. John Kasper
Ben Olsen (realtor)
Kurt Piper (realtor)
Dr. Tom Rust (Camino Pablo Elementary’s retired principal)